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Mission and Role

Collaborative research among scholars with diverse knowledge is a characteristic of recent research since the subjects are diverse and require joint research among various disciplines. This is a challenge for many researchers. For example, young mathematicians are quick to understand and have excellent ability to solve math problems, but it's not easy to have a broad knowledge of theories in various fields. On the other hand, senior mathematicians are generally slower to understand than younger mathematicians and are less capable of solving problems, but they have a wide range of knowledge and know-how to connect various researchers and research groups.   

In this lab, we invite young scientists and senior mathematicians to create an environment where they can meet comfortably and collaborate together. We have a cozy lounge-like research space where a small group of scholars from various fields who are interested in a subject are gathered to discuss freely, and spend 24 hours comfortably. These tasks could be carried out more efficiently in a private research lab like the SIMS than in a state-run laboratory. SIMS will try to become a laboratory that provides an environment for doing these things.